6 of the Best Moments From a Hectic Weekend of Premier League Action

If this weekend's Premier League action has taught us anything, it's that nobody wants to finish in the top four. We saw some shocking performances and some stunning results, in what was a great advert for the excitement of English football.

Here are six of the best moments from a busy Premier League weekend.

​Best Capitulation

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Flashback to just a few weeks ago, and the mood at ​Manchester United was about as good as it has ever been since Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement. But now, well, where do we start?

Things have taken a real turn for the worst, and that was abundantly clear when the Red Devils faced ​Everton on Sunday. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's men fell to an astonishing 4-0 defeat and looked nothing like the side that took the world by storm just weeks beforehand.

The word on the street is that Solskjaer is just Jose Mourinho in a mask, but you didn't hear that from us.

Best 'What Are You Doing?'

Wilfried Zaha,Shkodran Mustafi

Sunday was a rough day for many people, but few more so than Shkodran Mustafi. The ​Arsenal man is public enemy number one around the Emirates Stadium as a result of his showing in the 3-2 defeat to ​Crystal Palace.

He seemingly forgot how to function for ​Wilfried Zaha's goal, stepping aside to gift the Ivorian one of the easiest goals he will ever score. Seriously, he wasn't even pushed aside, he just stopped.

Mustafi then ran back with his arms out wide, desperately trying to blame Bernd Leno for not assuming he was just going to stop trying. Unfortunately, most fans weren't fooled.

Best Miss

Sean Morrison

On Sunday, the stage was set for Sean Morrison to be ​Cardiff City's hero. The Bluebirds need points, and they had the chance to potentially steal one against high-flying ​Liverpool

A corner came in, and Alisson was in no-man's land. With an open goal in front of him, it looked as though Morrison could have got any part of his body on the ball to score. However, maybe not any part...

He went for the diving header and got it all wrong, as the ball bounced off his back and agonisingly wide. If Cardiff do get relegated, and if Liverpool go on to win the ​Premier League title, this moment will certainly go down in infamy.

Best Save 

Sergio Rico

Given ​Fulham have nothing to play for, you would be forgiven for expecting that they would just kill time until the end of the season. With his pride on the line, Sergio Rico stepped up to the plate.

The Spaniard was excellent in Saturday's 1-0 win over ​Bournemouth, and his finest moment came as he was called upon to stop ​Arsenal target Ryan Fraser from adding another goal to his tally.

Fraser unleashed a powerful effort across goal, but the only thing faster than the ball was Rico, who showed incredible reactions to get down and save the ball. He even managed to scoop the ball away from danger and behind the goal​. It's a shame it meant almost nothing.

Best Goal


This award should go to the Everton team as a whole. Fans who watched their 4-0 mauling of United were treated to three delightful goals, and the fourth wasn't too shabby either.

​Richarlison opened the scoring with a powerful overhead kick from close range, before ​Gylfi Sigurdsson doubled their advantage with a powerful effort from range which flew past ​David de Gea and into the bottom corner.

​However, the winner of the day has to go to Lucas Digne for his impression of Paul Scholes. A corner was headed clear towards the edge of the penalty area, before Digne stepped up and fired a powerful half-volley beyond De Gea. Overall, a pretty decent highlight package.

Best Slow-Mo Goal

Gerard Deulofeu

Goodison Park brought us plenty of great goals, but one that should not be forgotten is Gerard Deulofeu's delightful effort against ​Huddersfield Town on Saturday.

A loose ball slowly rolled towards his feet, and he stood still, facing up to his defender. With one step backwards, he dragged the ball with him to create space, before curling the ball past Jonas Lossl and into the bottom corner.

The world seemed to slow down once Deulofeu picked up the ball, giving him all the time he could possibly need to pick out a glorious finish. What a season the ​Watford man is having.

Source : 90min