Last updated : 29 June 2007 By Ed
From the Indie

Pini Zahavi will today be banned from working in England without an FA registration as Football Association officials target agents in the wake of Lord Stevens' report.

Zahavi will be barred along with every other overseas agent. Registered in Israel, he was criticised in the Stevens report as failing initially to disclose his involvement in transfers and not providing complete bank statements. He rejected the findings.

Football's most influential mover and shaker will not be allowed to work here unless he registers with the FA and agrees to the new rules, which will be announced today and come into force on 1 September.

The FA's stricter law book prevents agents from acting for two clubs in negotiations with the same player within the space of two complete transfer windows. Players' representatives will be barred from repeating the Craig Allardyce situation, where there was a potential conflict of interest as agent Craig negotiated with Bolton, the club his father, Sam, managed.

Clubs will be prevented from paying agents for representing their player, cutting off a route for cash to go missing. Instead, players must pay their own agents.

The final barrier to the new regulations coming into force was removed last night, when the Association of Football Agents called off threatened legal action over the rules..

The AFA chairman, Michel Zen Ruffinen, said: "There will not be legal action in the present circumstances.

"The FA have amended rules to the satisfaction of the AFA, although there are open points still to be discussed. We'll agree on a way which suits everyone - and the FA rules will then be copied at international level."