Last updated : 27 May 2007 By Ed
David Beckham on Roy Keane's management career so far:

"I always had the feeling he would go into management and I knew he would be one of the best around because of his passion for football.

"He has the respect and when a manager gets respect from a team that is a great start.

"Players aren't going to mess around with him because of his passion.

"I'm happy for him because he deserves it as a person and a player.

"I know how passionate he was as a player.

"People always ask me what Roy Keane was like and was he horrible and yes, he was horrible at times but that was the reason we won so much - because of his mentality and his passion for the team.

"It's great that he is going be in the Premiership this year and I think a lot of people will have too watch Sunderland because they will have the passion."