Last updated : 21 May 2007 By editor

From the Times:

'Victory was imperative given the pressure that Mourinho had been under and he made no secret of his tactics when he revealed that he had gathered his players together at the start of last week and given them two choices. "I asked them, 'Do you want to enjoy the game or do you want to enjoy after the game?' " In other words, do you want to contribute to a pretty football match or do you want to win?

'Mourinho had told his players that their priority was to thwart their opponents and a frustratingly stodgy pitch certainly helped their cause. "During the game it was not very enjoyable," Mourinho acknowledged. "It was a game where you had to think a lot and control your emotions and control your positions and think about many tactical points to control your opponent. You must have a minimum of six players behind the ball line, so that if you lose the ball, you have six players behind to stop them. When you can, you double-mark on the wings, with the wingers covering with the full backs."

'If the FA had heard that before kick-off it might have been tempted to wish that Watford and Blackburn Rovers had made it to the final.'