Bruno Fernandes insists Man Utd didn't lack effort in Liverpool thrashing

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has defended himself and his teammates by insisting they did not lack the effort required of them in Tuesday's 4-0 loss to Liverpool.

The Red Devils were thoroughly outplayed from start to finish at Anfield, with Jurgen Klopp's side scoring twice in each half to secure a resounding victory.

Speaking to Sky Sports post-game, Fernandes took the time to apologise to United fans after yet another humiliating defeat.

"Obviously it was a bad result once again. Not much I can say. I apologise to the fans, it will never be enough but this is what we can do now," he said.

"They don't deserve that we play this way, they deserve much more from us. The way they support us til the end, the way they stay even after the [final] whistle to applaud us, they deserve much more from us. We know we have to level the standard higher, much more higher, but it is what it is."

It was then put to Fernandes that United may have lacked effort on the pitch, but he rejected such notions.

"I think everyone runs and every game there's effort from everyone," he added. "I don't want to think even that someone doesn't give 100% of themselves, for themselves or for the team. I don't want us to do it. In first, for ourselves, for the team and for the club and fans we represent.

"We have to say the things [in the dressing room] but that had to be kept in the dressing room. There's not much we can do. Now, it's over, the game. We have to think of the next one.

"Liverpool is fighting for the title, that is the difference. We are fighting for nothing at the moment. You can see the difference by the points, I don't need to be here saying which kind of level the difference is on.

"We have to look at ourselves and look inside, from top to bottom and understand what went wrong."

Fernandes was then asked if he and the squad just want the season to be over, but he was again defiant.

"That cannot happen. We represent a big club, we are competing until the end and we have to compete," he said.

"If someone doesn't want to compete they have to stay out straight away. To be a part of the team, no one can put their head down and think 'I just want a vacation' or whatever. They have to stay and fight at least for the badge."

Source : 90min