Last updated : 21 May 2007 By editor

From the Times:

'It was the night before morning after and, in the late bar at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, Manchester United's post FA Cup Final party was feeling like a wake. A mournful rendition of John Lennon's Imagine was being played on the piano until the WAGs took matters into their own hands, screeching out a dirge that would have embarrassed Victoria Beckham. But, as it gradually identified itself as Queen's We Are The Champions, the mood began to lift.

'And so United's crestfallen champions began to reflect on the trophy they had rather than the one that got away. There were chants of "We've got our trophy back" before Wayne Rooney, napkin on head, started to bounce up and down to the Manchester United Calypso. What, after all, are WAGs for if not raising spirits at moments such as this?

'Beneath the smiles, though, a sense of frustration remained. "They were not better than us," one player said, cursing Chelsea's tactical approach, which he blamed for a disappointing spectacle. José Mourinho's words in his postmatch press conference came to mind - "I asked my players: 'Do you want to enjoy the game or do you want to enjoy after the game?' " - an indication that the means will always justify a successful end at Stamford Bridge.

'"I hate that," the United player said. "Good luck to them, but that isn't the United way." And, for as long as Sir Alex Ferguson remains in charge at Old Trafford, it never will be. The United way has brought great dividends this season, with Ferguson's team winning as many plaudits as points as they earned the Barclays Premiership title with a cavalier approach. That was a consolation to clutch on Saturday evening, as was the knowledge that Chelsea's players would happily have swapped the FA Cup for a third consecutive league title.'