Last updated : 12 December 2006 By Ed

Referring to Kenyon's claims that Chelsea will be the biggest in the world:

"There's nothing wrong with having ambition.

"But there are other great clubs in the world. Ourselves, Arsenal and Liverpool have history. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and the Italian giants are all clubs with fantastic history. They've got a big mountain to climb to get above that lot because there are a lot of clubs there."

About the title:

"The neutrals do want us to win. It will take me a long time to get used to that but I am working on it.

"We will continue to do our talking on the pitch, I think. We'll only be in trouble if we listen to Jose too much. The important thing is to keep our heads and not get carried away. I won't be letting the players or myself fall into the trap of thinking it's won.

"There are many hurdles to be navigated in the run-in. To win the League you have to have great consistency, particularly around March and April. Historically, we've done OK in the past at that time of the year.

"We are usually lagging behind.

"We've never had the start we've had this year before."

However a warning:

"All championship races are difficult. We've created ourselves a nice position. The real test comes in the run-in when any mistake can cost you everything... I'm sure it will be ourselves and Chelsea [for the title] but I'm sure we will last the distance. I'm confident because of the energy and youth in the team and we've got old codgers like Scholes and Giggs I can rest at the right time. They bring a quality which is fantastic."

This is what Mourinho said:

"Sir Alex Ferguson must be happy now, because you can say we dropped two points.

"But if he thinks it's over he's in trouble, because it's not over. Chelsea is ready. We have shown we are ready. We were losing at home with five minutes to go and we showed an incredible reaction from being 1-0 behind. I think after Wednesday we will be five points behind and what is five points in a long Premiership season?"