Last updated : 19 June 2007 By editor

…or he'll be arrested

Guardian reports:

'Prospective Manchester City owner Thaksin Shinawatra has been ordered to return to Thailand or face arrest after being charged with concealing assets.

'Thaksin, the former Thai prime minister, had his government overthrown in a bloodless coup last September, and has been targeted by several investigations into alleged corruption and abuse of power. He is currently living in London but Thai police have now ordered him return home and appear before them by June 29.

'Department of Special Investigations director-general Sunai Manomaiudom said police had strong evidence that Thaksin and his wife secretly held stock through nominee companies in SC Assets Corp. PLC, a Shinawatra family holding company.

'Serving Thai Cabinet ministers are not generally allowed by law to hold shares in publicly listed companies. They are also required to reveal their assets, including stockholdings.

'The police are charging Thaksin with violations on both counts when he was Prime Minister.'