Could Manchester Uniteds mystery striker target actually be Charlie Austin

Last updated : 24 July 2015 By DSG

The English striker scored more league goals last season than any of Manchester UnitedÂ’s strikers even as part of a team that eventually succumbed to relegation

Chelsea and Liverpool have been previously linked with the striker who would doubtlessly desire to play for a bigger team and yet they were unwilling to accept a deal worth £15 million

The Red Devils might just agree to such a deal considering that Austin has had good experience with the English game and would not need time to adjust to the Premier League

Great quality to have as a backup to Wayne Rooney.

It could also be that Manchester United do not have a better option as Thomas Mueller will not be leaving Bayern Munich and talks on the transfer of Edinson Cavani have just about ended as Angel di MariaÂ’s move to PSG has also stalled

It is like PSG do not want di Maria anymore so any other dealings with them are off limits.

The mystery striker will probably be signed very soon and it just might be Charlie Austin.

Source : DSG

Source: DSG