Cristiano coming home Talk of Ronaldo to United surfaces once again

Last updated : 24 July 2015 By DSG

It is being reported that the Cristiano Ronaldo is unhappy at Real Madrid and wants to leave

So, who didnÂ’t see that coming? Every year since leaving Manchester United there has been talk around transfer time that the Portuguese International is unhappy with his treatment or that he is not getting the love he deserves and wants to leave the Spanish giants.

It is being reported that United are now in the process of working up a new club record contract to get the disgruntled Number 7 back in Manchester red

No numbers have been put forth as of yet, but it will have to be in the neighborhood of £100m to even be taken seriously.

Ronaldo is said to be unhappy with the appointment of manager Rafa Benitez as new manager after publicly coming out in support of ousted manager Carlo Ancelotti just days before he was sacked.

There are a few differences this time around than there have been in the last few years

United are willing to spend the money needed for a talent like Ronaldo

Just look at their transfer record so far this year

The Reds have something the Blanco’s want in the form of Goalkeeping star David de Gea and Manchester just off loaded Angel Di Maria to PSG for the tidy sum of £46m

All of this could very enticing to a new manager that needs to concentrate on building a team that can compete with Barcelona

A disgruntled superstar like Ronaldo can go a long way in destroying that.

Now whether any of this comes to be is anyoneÂ’s guess at the moment

Ronaldo has always stated that he wants to come back to Old Trafford, but is he telling the truth or using that as leverage for yet another contract? United are in a spending mood, but will they give up money and players to get Ronaldo back? Every United fan hopes so!

Source : DSG

Source: DSG