Ed Woodward Excited at Possibility of Negotiating With Daniel Levy Over Harry Kane Deal

​Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward excited about the possibility of meeting Spurs chairman Daniel Levy over a potential deal for Harry Kane, battling wits with a man generally accepted to be one of football's shrewdest negotiators. 

The Englishman, who is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury, has been ​tipped to consider his future at Spurs at the end of the season if they fail to qualify for the Champions League, with a lack of silverware bothering him.

Harry Kane

If ​Kane does decide to leave, ​United won't be far away. The ​Evening Standard report that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a huge fan of the Englishman, and Woodward would have no problem with trying to get the deal done.

The main stumbling block in negotiations is Levy, who has earned a reputation as a less-than-hospitable negotiator. 

Levy is not afraid to demand big money for any of his players, and he's always prepared to hold firm and stick to his guns, even if he is the only person on the entire planet who thinks that is the right move.

Daniel Levy

Sir Alex Ferguson famously avoided trying to sign ​Luka Modrić in 2011 because he flat-out refused to deal with Levy, but Woodward is reported to be unconcerned about that. In fact, he is said to be looking forward to the opportunity if it arrises.

He was ready to do so when United targeted Mauricio Pochettino to replace José Mourinho last year, while he previously came close to signing ​Gareth Bale in 2013, so it certainly seems as though Woodward is not afraid of Levy.

Harry Kane

Having said all that, it might all come to nothing. If Levy decides that Kane is not for sale, then Kane will not be for sale. The Spurs chief isn't one for bowing to peer pressure.

Combine Kane's status as one of the game's best finishers with the fact that he is under contract until 2024, and you'll likely see Levy drooling at the chance of earning some mega money. £500m? £1bn? Who knows what Levy is thinking.

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Source : 90min