Last updated : 11 December 2006 By Ed

United chief executive David Gill on trying to catch up with Chelsea: “We've got a fantastic stadium selling out every week, which is brilliant, 75,000-plus.

“We'll do what we can do and let actions speak louder than words.”

Gill continued: “Peter's (Kenyon) entitled to his view. But we know what we're doing. We're trying to continually grow — on the pitch in particular.

“Off the field will follow. We know the history and heritage of this club. We'll plough our own furrow.”

He then went on to say the Glazers being in charge isn't a problem for fans.

He said: “There will clearly be some fans who were opposed, who are still opposed, but we always felt that was a relatively small minority — albeit a vocal minority and they're entitled to their view.

“I think the majority of fans want to watch a winning team playing exciting football in a great ground.

“We've got that here and we're doing that at the moment.

“The ownership is not necessarily a major issue for them.”