Last updated : 23 May 2007 By editor

…£8 a burger indeed!

The Football Supporters' Federation are asking fans who paid touts for tickets to contact them with their details. Chairman Malcolm Clarke said, "We want to encourage a campaign for people who paid over the odds for a ticket to make themselves known to us or the FA.

"The FA have a complete record of where every ticket went. The FA think they know the name and address of every person against every ticket, so if we can get them the seat number they can trace back who put it on the black market. The people who bought them would not face action and the people who sold them would be identified."

An FA spokesman came out with this laughable statement, "Ticket touting not only rips off genuine fans, it is also against the law. The FA and other sports governing bodies have long been pressing for tougher legislation against ticket touting and we want to see it rigorously enforced. We will also consider legal action of our own against unauthorised sales when appropriate."