Fabregas:I know it doesn't sound good but we still believe it can happen

Even in the wake of Gerardo Martino’s comments that Cesc Fabregas is not transferable, Manchester United officials have heard enough from the Fabregas Camp to sustain the pursuit, even though to the outside world it appears futile.

Miguel Delaney, from Eircom Sports Hub has a track history of getting the in-line news from Old Trafford. He writes an excellent article on why the Cesc affair continues.

Miguel says ‘One thing is certain, and it is not even Barcelona’s apparently unequivocal stance on the issue: Manchester United have not yet given up in their pursuit of Cesc Fabregas. The saga is likely to go on.

In the hours after new Barca manager Gerardo Martino insisted the midfielder was not for sale, one high-ranking Old Trafford employee stated: “I know it doesn’t sound good but we still believe it can happen.”

Fabregas’s camp have been in repeated contact with Old Trafford since at least mid-May and virtually all of those discussions have been positive. This explains United’s persistence in the face of successive refusals and even an element of ridicule’.

So, the sweet dolcet tones of Miguel’s voice continue to instill belief in the United faithful that the Coup of the Century is not just a fantastically futile Public Relations escapade. United fans will still be on bended knee, praying to the statuette of the Blessed Virgin, the Child of Prague and whatever other Holy Relics reside on the mantlepiece to ensure its completion.