Footballers With Iconic Skill Moves Named After Them

Football icon - and all-around wizard - Johan Cruyff left fans across the world speechless in June 1974 when he turned Sweden defender Jan Olsson into oblivion, thanks to a sharp change of direction that had never been seen on a football pitch.

Since that iconic moment, many have fallen victim to the famous 'Cruyff turn' and it has become one of the game's most recognisable tricks. Children across the globe are taught the manoeuvre in their first training sessions, which is testament to how important the move is and how much of a footballing pioneer the late, great Cruyff really was.

Skill moves have always been polarising in the football world. Many love to watch the flair players rip a team apart with totally unnecessary yet blindingly entertaining twists and flicks, while others are sickened by the thought. Since the iconic Cruyff turn, we've been blessed with a number of outrageous skill moves coined by players over the years. Often, it can be the sole reason a player is remembered.

Here's a list of players who have found their name used as the term for an iconic skill move.

8. Antonin Panenka - Panenka Penalty

Not all skills come in the form of humiliating the opposition in open play.

Similarly to how Cruyff shocked the world in 74, Czech player Antonin Panenka baffled audiences at Euro 76 with his audacious penalty. The tournament final between West Germany and Czechoslovakia had gone to a penalty shootout. Panenka stepped up and ran toward the ball, before subtly chipping it into the back of the net as goalkeeper Sepp Maier dived to the floor, winning the tournament for his country.

It's become a phenomenon since, with players across the world attempting it at all levels, to varying degrees of success.

7. Diego Maradona - Maradona Turn/Roulette

Admittedly, the roulette is called a number of things depending on where you are in the world. Some call it the Zidane turn, others the roulette, but the turn was actually developed by Frenchman Yves Marriot in the 70s.

Maradona and Zidane popularised the move, however, and made it incredibly exciting to watch. The turn involves the player spinning the ball with one foot, then rotating further with the other, allowing them to change direction and zip past an opponent at speed.

Words don't do the move justice. And truthfully, neither does anyone apart from the two players mentioned above, no matter how much anyone thinks they've nailed it in their back garden.

6. Carlos Costly - Costlyña

Costly is a Honduras football legend

Now 38, Carlos Costly's most notable spell in his career was a stint at Birmingham, lasting six months or so in 2009.

While his career has little to be remembered by, he does have the honour of having a trademark skill to his name, the 'Costlyña'. Costly patented the move, which involves him slowing down, pretending to drag the ball backwards with his foot and then accelerating away from the defending player.

A little bit pointless, truth be told, which is what gives it even more charm.

5. Cuauhtémoc Blanco - Blanco Hop

Another slightly useless but absolutely brilliant to watch skill move, Cuauhtémoc Blanco gifted fans with the Blanco Hop at the 1998 World Cup.

When surrounded by defenders, Blanco would trap the ball between his feet, before literally hopping out of the way of danger and continuing to dribble once more.

FIFA players love this one.

4. Dimitar Berbatov - Berba Spin

Up there with some of the coolest men in football - and maybe ever - Dimitar Berbatov was a joy to watch. Sometimes.

When he was in the mood, Berbatov was a world-beater and produced some electrifying moments. The Berba spin was born at Manchester United. The Bulgarian ran himself to the opposition touchline, before quickly cutting in at 90 degrees and poking it through the legs of the defender to get past them, all in one smooth motion.


3. Aidan McGeady - McGeady Spin

Admittedly, there isn't a great deal of difference between the McGeady spin and the Berba spin.
It's a bit like how the Batista Bomb is definitely, unquestionably, categorically not the same as a power bomb.

Very similar, but the difference here is that McGeady maintains a lot of his speed where Berbatov slows down, and flicks the ball through into his other foot on the exit.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo - Ronaldo Chop

It doesn't come out much anymore, but when it does, it's still mightily impressive.

Cristiano Ronaldo's famous chop could perhaps be considered the cooler, more hip younger brother of the Cruyff turn. In very similar fashion, Ronaldo swiftly changes direction by poking the ball around the back of himself, but does so with more aggression and speed, hence the 'chop'.

Again, the FIFA players love this one.

1. Yannick Bolasie - Bolasie Flick

Completing the list is Yannick Bolassie, whose patented offence is absolutely outrageous.

Bolassie has struggled since making a big money move to Everton and now finds himself on loan at Sporting CP, but the Bolasie flick will forever be remembered for its absurdity. Known for his tidy footwork, Bolasie famously drags the ball back before popping it up against his standing foot, which pings it away from the defender and allows him to pivot away.

The streets won't forget this one.

Source : 90min