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"When you've won things, it does help you to cope in difficult situations.

"You want challenges as a footballer whether for myself, who's won the league a number of times, or for the young lads like Rooney and Ronaldo, who've never won one and who've got that hunger.

"Our challenge was to win back the title and it's the one trophy I want most, purely because it proves you are the best team in the country over 38 games.

"This team has the potential to be a great side, but you're only a great side when you do win things. That's what we're all trying to do and I think only after that can you can start comparing it with 1999 and 1994.

"Some of the football we've played has been some of the best I've been involved in. The speed, intelligence and experience you need in a team - it's all coming together."