Last updated : 13 December 2006 By Editor
From The Times:

“I don't think people in England realise what a huge club Bayern Munich is. I've never once said a bad word about Bayern and I never would. It's not about that. It's about the opportunity to possibly play in another league I haven't played in before, which is also the country I represent and where my family lives.

“If people don't understand that, I don't expect them to. It's not their life. It's mine. But I don't think anyone in the football world is in the same situation as mine.

“Nobody at any club is going to wait for anyone for ever. I don't want to go into too great depth about it because it's not down to me. I received a lot of criticism for suggesting it would have been a great opportunity, but sometimes you need to say it. I don't feel bad about anything I said or did.

“Anybody who sees them play at the moment knows it's a very special team and they're in a great time. If you look a year or two ago, they weren't where they are now. They've dominated this season in the Premier League, which is very difficult. Any player who looks at that football, no matter where you're from, says that's spectacular.

“Look at the goal difference, plus 29. There's no one within a country mile of that. They're not just winning games, they're winning them dramatically. But it's not like I'm saying I want to go to AC Milan or Inter Milan because they're offering me more money.”