James Corden Pranks David Beckham With Horrific Fake Version of LA Galaxy Statue

Manchester United legend David Beckham was subjected to a merciless prank from friend and talk show host James Corden prior to the recent unveiling of the statue of him in full LA Galaxy kit at StubHub Center, paying homage to the ex-England captain as the club's greatest player.

The real statue is a classy tribute Beckham in an unmistakable pose, as if about to strike a trademark free-kick, commemorating his achievements as a two-time MLS Cup winner and his history-defining presence in Major League Soccer.


But Corden, host of The Late Late Show on CBS, had other ideas, creating an appalling mock statue and presenting it to an unwitting Beckham as if it were the real one at a fake preview event.

Actors were employed to pose as fans and deliberately annoy Beckham - one asked him about his 'Man City' days - while the fake statue played to the 43-year-old's apparent concerns from earlier in the design process over an oversized chin and big backside.

When the curtain came down and Beckham saw what he thought was the finished statue for the first time, his face was a picture of polite disbelief, not sure how to react to the monstrosity.

"...I mean, look at my chin," he pointed out. "You know what, the only thing that's good is the hair and that's about it. Look at my bum. I really don't see how this could go out.

"There's no way that can go at the front of the stadium. My parents are coming over from London, my wife. I mean, look how long my arms are, I honestly look like Stretch Armstrong," he said, still trying to remain polite, but clearly getting increasingly annoyed about it all.

"If my kids were to see this, I think they'd just cry!"

Just as Beckham appeared ready to walk off in disgust, a forklift driver came on the scene to move the statue, 'accidentally' tipping it over and smashing it. The ex-player still wasn't happy but at least remarked to the guilty party, "You've probably done me a favour there."

Finding it hysterical, Corden then rushed in to reveal the joke, cue lots of bleeped expletives from Beckham, embarrassed that he'd fallen for it, but mightily relieved this wasn't the real deal.

Cristiano Ronaldo wasn't so lucky when a ridiculously cartoon-ish bust of him unveiled at Madeira Airport back in 2017 was actually the real one.

The real Beckham statue was eventually unveiled at StubHub Center at LA Galaxy's 2019 MLS season opener earlier this month.

Source : 90min

Source: 90min