Last updated : 07 May 2007 By Ed

David Beckham on United's title win:

"I will never be surprised what Sir Alex Ferguson can do because I know what he is like as a person and as a manager, and whoever writes him off he always proves (them) wrong, and he's done it again," Beckham said after helping his Real Madrid side beat Sevilla 3-2 in La Liga.

"He knows how good a manager Mourinho is, he knows how good Arsene Wenger and Rafa Benitez are, and he respects them.

"But as a manager you are not going to get many bigger or more successful managers than him."

"The good thing about the manager at United, that's what he does. He makes you move on, as soon as you've won a medal he doesn't stop there he makes you want more," Beckham said.

"That is what he put into me, that's what he puts into the rest of the young players."

The 32-year-old midfielder added: "It was a great day, Chelsea draw the game and United win the title for the first time in four years I think.

"As a United fan I'm really happy for the manager and for the players.

"I'm sure they'll be having a great night, the lads, and then move on to the FA Cup final."