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"I look around the country and see various ex-managers involved in legal battles with their old clubs months after they have been sacked.

"I don't want to be in that situation. If Manchester City no longer want me to manage their football club. Why should the club pay me not to work for them? I would just thank them for giving me the honour of doing the job, accept I have not been good enough and go home to see the wife and kids and do a bit of mucking out in the stables."

Meanwhile, Wigan chairman Dave Whelan said that Paul Jewell would not be taking another job at the moment as he 'wanted a break from football'. Some would argue that this would indicate that perhaps Jewell is considering a job at the Wastelands.

Others mentioned in the press are Eriksson, an appointment that would amuse many Reds and bemuse just as many Berties in turn and Claudio Ranieri.

The Guardian:

Stuart Pearce's sacking at Manchester City will usher in a multi-million-pound revolution that will see the deposed Thai prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, seize control of the club and a replacement manager appointed from abroad. While Pearce was packing his belongings yesterday, Thaksin was secretly visiting the stadium for the first time and has made it clear he does not want to appoint another British manager.

Thaksin's takeover bid has progressed more quickly than had been anticipated and there could be an official announcement about the next stage of the process within 48 hours. Gérard Houllier, the former Liverpool manager now in charge of Lyon, will be among those considered to replace Pearce, along with the PSV manager, Ronald Koeman, and the former Chelsea manager Claudio Ranieri. Sven-Goran Eriksson, however, has already been discounted.