Man Utd Celebrate Ashley Youngs Birthday on Twitter & the Comments Are Exactly as Youd Expect

​We've reached that point in the summer where fans are constantly checking their club's Twitter accounts, eagerly anticipating any transfer news that may be offered to them. #AnnounceAnyone.

Manchester United fans, in particular, are extremely keen for their next new arrival whoever it may be, with their squad needing major reconstructive surgery following a bitterly disappointing campaign.

However, today is a very special day at Old Trafford, because it's Ashley Young's 34th birthday, which the club were more than happy to promote.

Unsurprisingly, this didn't go down particularly well with the masses.

Young has made 243 appearances for the club since joining from Aston Villa in 2011 and was a part of the England side that reached the World Cup semi-final in Russia last year. He has won every single trophy in English football and the Europa League...

...Still, as soon as this tweet appeared on people's timelines, we all knew what was coming.

The former winger turned full-back has long been a scapegoat for United fans, and had some friendly advice for the club regarding Young's future, who still has a year left on his current contract.





Some saw this innocent tweet wishing one of their longest-serving players happy birthday as a good opportunity to declare that the club is rotten from the top downwards, and that this was the final straw for the Glazer family, who now must leave instantly due to it... being Ashley Young's birthday?


​​An extremely measured and reasonable response from some there.

However, there are those that recognise that while Young may not be the second coming of Cafu when it comes to right backs, he does at least care about the club and gives it his all during matches, which is more than could be said for others at the club; names we couldn't possibly mention on here.

Source : 90min