Marcus 'Daniel' Rashford Becomes National Hero With #MakeTheUTurn Campaign

It's official. Daniel Rash- Sorry, Marcus Rashford, is a national treasure.

The Manchester United forward has had one of his most productive seasons on the pitch, but it's off the field that he has made the biggest impact, winning hearts up and down the country. Rashford has been the driving force behind his campaign #MakeTheUTurn, encouraging the government to reverse their decision to deny under-privileged school children free meals over the summer.

And after writing an open letter to all members of parliament, starting an incredible movement on social media and putting his relentless determination and will power to good use, he has finally convinced the British government to make the change, and millions of hungry children will be fed for the coming months.

Wonderful wonderful stuff. And it's heartwarming to see a young, talented footballer break the mould, and demonstrate to the rest of the world that well-paid sportsmen do not simply look out for themselves and their own pockets.

Rashford is one of us. And we love it.

Even pantomime villain and healthy secretary Matt Hancock took to our screens to congratulate the Red Devil for his actions, although, in typical Hancock style, he managed to muck it up pretty spectacularly.

Speaking on Sky News, as seen in this Gary Lineker tweet, Hancock set about heaping praise on the terrific work of Rashford, but instead called him 'Daniel', rather than his actual name, Marcus. Close, Tony Hancock, close.

In fairness to the Health Secretary, he did later acknowledge his mistake, admitting that the interview came too early in the morning for him, and declaring Rashford as 'a credit to the nation.'

You're damn right there, Mark. We can only pray that Daniel Rashford will be lining up alongside Mike Smalling next season for the Manchester Reds.

But Rashford's plaudits were far from over. He has received praise from all over the world for his desire to cause change and help those less fortunate, with plenty of clubs putting rivalries aside to salute our future Prime Minister.

Of course, there are always those attention-seekers that look to poke holes in arguments and criticise your opinions - even if your aim is to feed hungry children. And so, it comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone, that one of the first people to jump on the 'don't feed the children' bandwagon was Katie [redacted] Hopkins.

She really tugs on the ol' heartstrings, eh?

Luckily, Rashford was not one for biting, and after she posted a picture of herself in a Manchester City shirt, holding Rashford back, she was bodychecked into the stands by both player and club.

It's amazing how quickly enemies can pull together when true ugliness rears its disgusting head.

A special shoutout goes to Conservative MP Therese Coffey, who in response to a tweet suggesting it'd be 'baffling' for the government to deny Rashford's requests, proceeded to type out the most tone deaf and cold response in the history of Twitter.

If you don't laugh folks, you'll cry.

Whatever happens though, this has been a monumental victory for society, for the United Kingdom, and for families up and down the country. And it's nice to know that football was at the heart of something good, in a time of such desperation and division.

Goarn, Marcus.

Source : 90min