Last updated : 08 May 2007 By editor
David Gill with words on consolation for all those who cannot afford to go next season, "Joel rang me last night to express his congratulations to everyone at the club," Gill told BBC Radio Five Live. "All the doomsayers who said we would be in trouble have been proved wrong. They have brought a stability to the club and stability is the key element of any football club. They have got involved with areas they think they can add value with and let Alex and the rest of us get on with the football side of it.

"They are delighted (to win the Premiership), they're sports fans and they know what running a sports team is all about. All the pundits were saying Liverpool would be Chelsea's main challengers this season. But we rely on the person who has done it many times over many years, and Sir Alex Ferguson has proved his critics wrong again. He is the person who makes the decisions and he was comfortable with the squad.

"If he had wanted more money for players, we would have given it to him. Everyone has their view of things - but his is the critical one."