New Leaks Appear to Confirm Manchester United 'Dazzle Camo' Third Kit for 2020/21

Remember back in March, when images first appeared of that zebra-looking Manchester United third kit, and fans all over the world were pleading for it to be fake?

Yeah...we need to have a word about that.

If the heinous image 90min's Scott Saunders brought you wasn't enough to confirm it as reality, Footy Headlines have now leaked even more United merchandise featuring the design, adding to the mounting evidence that this is something the club are actually going to sell.

The design - described widely as 'dazzle camo', which was used in World War I to make ships harder to visually track - has surfaced on images of jackets and bucket hats from an accompanying collection.

The leaks are yet to be officially confirmed, so we have no explanation to hand as to why anyone thought this was a good idea. For now, we can take solace in the fact that next season won't be starting until at least we've got a little while before it 'dazzles' us to death via live TV.

The initial image showed a prototype version of the shirt - probably yet to be completely finished, given how unclearly the Chevrolet, adidas and Kohler logos are displayed.

The red collar and sleeve trim offer some respite from the jarringly mesmeric primary design, but ultimately just add to the noise on what is one of the loudest shirts in modern Premier League history.

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Source : 90min