Last updated : 12 December 2006 By Ed

But will he strengthen the squad?

"I feel far better today waking up looking at my team than two or three years ago when we were not winning anything.

"At the end of the day you have to win at our club, that's the nuts and bolts. If you are not winning you get a lot of criticism, deserved or not.

"Nobody likes it but an element of that drives you on and increases your determination not to get criticised again.

"The only way to keep your head above water is by winning and the present-day team is showing signs of being a really good side.

"But you've got to win the league, the European Cup and the FA Cup. You've got to win those things, because only then can you be judged as a really great team.

"There is no point in being a good second. That doesn't come into it."