Last updated : 14 December 2006 By Ed

Park on his return from injury.

"I am entirely recovered from the injury," he told Pravda TV.

"Since last week I've been in training, so I don't think there is going to be any problem.

"The two ligaments in my ankle were broken, so I had surgery to connect them - and then I had to have three months of rehab."

He can't wait to be back involved with the first team either.

"As a football player, watching games is not very pleasant," he said.

"My team is top of the league, so I'm very glad about that. But I still want to play.

"I am very impressed with the team's performances - but I'd like to join in and show my own ability. I'd like to contribute to the team."

Park's manager Sir Alex Ferguson will be cheered to have an extra midfield option available again - and the United boss is beginning to believe his 2006/07 squad could be right up there with the best he has had.

"I feel far better waking up and looking at my team now than I did two years ago," he said.

"The present team is showing signs of being a really good one. But they have to win the league, the European Cup, the FA Cup - there is no point thinking you are going to be a good second. That doesn't come into it."