Paul Ince Admits Solskjaer Has Worked Miracles at Man Utd But Maintains He Couldve Done the Job

Former Manchester United player Paul Ince has admitted that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has 'worked miracles' at United and claimed he should get the job permanently, but refused to backtrack on his previous comments claiming he could've done the job himself.

Speaking to ​Paddy Power, Ince explained: “After the first few games for Ole at Old Trafford, I thought it was a bit premature to start saying he should get the job.

Dan Walker,Paul Ince

"But no one expected United to do what they did in Paris, and that’s down to Ole. It’s down to him getting the best out of his players, and using the right squad and tactics when under a lot of pressure. For me, looking at it now, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t get the job. 

"The only other person you could give it to is Mauricio Pochettino, but the fans want Ole. The most important thing is the Man United fans. And the fans are happy for the first time in a long time, so why would you want to change that?

"Are they waiting until the end of the season to see if they can get someone else? If they’re not, then just come out and give Ole the job! He’s worked miracles.”

The 51-year-old, who has previously managed Blackburn and MK Dons, among others, then sought to clarify his comments regarding the ease of the job, declaring: “When I said ‘anyone’ could’ve done the job Ole has done, I didn’t literally mean anyone.

"That’s been taken completely out of context. What I said was that someone like Mark Hughes or Steve Bruce, who has the history and spirit of the club, could have gone in there initially and turned it round. 

"The team were down in the dumps, unhappy, and weren’t playing the way they wanted to play. We all knew that. If I’d have gone into United, I’d have done exactly what Ole did. I’d have got a smile back on the players’ faces, got them enjoying training again, and told them to go out and play the way they want to play. 

"That wasn’t hard to resolve, because we saw the negativity coming out of Old Trafford. Steve Bruce would’ve done exactly the same thing. They know the ​United way. I’m not saying any Tom, Dick or Harry could’ve come in. I’m talking about players who’ve played for the club and gone on to manage, that’s the point I was making."

However, Ince did then add a caveat, saying: "What I would admit is, since then, Ole has taken it to another level. We expected them to beat the first so-called lesser teams that they played. But, now, what we’re seeing is he’s taken it to a completely different level. That love for Ole from the players, that change of mood, it hasn’t worn off. It’s just got better and better, and I’m over the moon about it.

"I never said Ole wasn’t the right man, I just said he needs to prove himself over a period of time before a rash decision is made. But I think he’s done that, I really, really do.”

Source : 90min