Paul Pogba Reacting to His Mum Trying to Dab Is Hilarious

The question of whether Paul Pogba's dance moves run in the family has finally been answered.

The World Cup-winning midfielder has been showing off his unorthodox celebrations ever since he was a young juventino in Turin, and age hasn't tamed Pogba as he continues to infuriate the likes of Graeme Souness and Alan Brazil with his moves.

But it turns out that Pogba might not be the one you should be pointing your finger at if, like the aforementioned media personalities, you just have to take life way too seriously.

A video was shared by Sports Illustrated on Thursday of an outtake reel involving Pogba and his mother, who is known as 'momma Pogz' in adidas' Dare to Create advert but more commonly known as Yeo.

During the short outtakes reel, Yeo was directed to show off her best dab - much to Pogba's displeasure, who insisted that 'we don't do that anymore'.

What followed suit left the Manchester United star in stitches as Yeo tried (and failed quite tremendously) to dab over and over again. At times Pogba even had a look of genuine disgust on his face at his mother's attempts, much like Souness when the Frenchman gets a new trim.

Pogba's Manchester United teammate Jesse Lingard also featured in the full 'Dare to Create' advert, as well as American rapper A$AP Ferg.

Source : 90min