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Giggs, "We both knew it was over the line. I spoke to the referee and said 'You saw it go over and the linesman saw it go over.' It was a goal. I tried to get onto the end of a cross and felt I did that quite comfortably although I didn't get a good connection on the ball.

"The Chelsea keeper sort of got the ball in his hands but he rolled over the line. Both me and him knew it was a goal. I was just hoping the officials would see it but the referee ran away so I couldn't speak to him. The game would have been over if it had stood. We always expected that one goal would decide this match and I'm confident we would have gone on to win."

Fergie, "It was a penalty kick - that was the decision, no question Essien's [guilty]. The referee was in a position to see that. To lose the game and see a replay of that is harsh, to say the least. It is a clear penalty and the referee must be in a better position to see that."

Fergie went on to criticise Mourinho's conduct in the lead up to the match, "He puts pressure on referees before every game. There are 22 good players out there and he puts pressure on the ref all week. I think that's the way Jose Mourinho is and it maybe worked for him today, but I was disappointed in the referee.

"I think we had two or three players who looked tired from a lot of matches. Cristiano was one - he's had a long season for a young player. I don't think we played well, but we didn't deserve to win or lose it. But that's football. I don't think either keeper had a save [in the match], it was a kind of stalemate.

"There was nothing between the two teams - neither deserved to lose or win and it is disappointing we have lost. The pitch was slow and that didn't help but from our point so view I think we were tired in two or three positions, which didn't help us. What the players have been through in the last few months has been exceptional and credit for that but we couldn't cross the line today. Maybe the number of games they play eventually gets to them.

"It's disappointing to lose a big game like that simply because of Manchester United's history and record in the FA Cup is very good, it's exceptional. We've now lost two FA Cup finals in a row without scoring a goal. Okay, in the last one we absolutely battered Arsenal but today there was just a bit of tiredness in the players and I think that's a genuine reason.

"What we tried to do last Sunday was rest the players who needed a rest. I think we did the right things to prepare the players for today. But maybe once they get into that Wembley bowl, the heat in there can affect the players. You could say it was the same for both teams but I certainly think we looked tired in two or three positions."

Ronaldo, "The ball was at least half a metre over the line - the referee could see it but he didn't give it. It was very disappointing for us."

Carrick, "It is devastating. To lose a final anyway is bad, but to lose it like we did after having a chance to win is not a happy place. We are disappointed now, but when we go away and look at the season we can be very happy with the way we have played and what we have achieved.

"It has been an amazing season and being champions was what we wanted to do. We have managed to do that; we obviously wanted to win the cup. It is not a good place to be, but we will bounce back."

Petr Cech, "It was behind the line but it would have been a foul anyway."

Mourinho, " I think that we deserve to go into the holiday period with this cup and a medal. The team played very well, they understood exactly the plan."