Raul Jimenez Reveals Lack of Wolves Release Clause Amid Man Utd & Real Madrid Interest

​Raul Jimenez has given an interesting interview in Spain regarding his contract situation at Wolves, revealing there is no release clause in his deal

The Mexican has garnered a fine reputation in the Premier League since the beginning of last season, where he was pivotal in guiding Wolves into a seventh place finish despite only being promoted from the Championship the season prior.

He bagged 13 league goals in his maiden ​Premier League venture, a figure he's reached once again this term despite playing nine fewer games. As you'd expect, that form has seen him linked with clubs across the continent, with ​Manchester United and ​Real Madrid those most heavily mooted.

Speaking to ​Marca, Jimenez openly admitted that his ​Wolves deal contains no release clause, with the fee the club paid for his services set to be the benchmark for where bidding can begin.

"They (Wolves) bought me for €40m (£34.5m), they won't sell me for less," he confessed. "There is no release clause, but the clubs [in England], it is different how they are managed."

"I don’t know who sets the prices, but if someone paid that money for me it is because I am worth it, and if they want to continue paying more for me it’s because I’m worth it and I’m doing things well to be worth it."

Raul Jimenez

It's more than likely any interested parties were already aware of this. A simple phone call to an agent would clarify the situation, although the openness of Jimenez's interview makes for interesting reading.

It wasn't the only thing he said though, also revealing that he turned down a colossal offer from China before he moved to the Premier League, one he claims was worth an eye-watering €8m per year.

"I think it was €8m a year or something, and free (presumably of tax)," he openly said. "You think about it, whether you like it or not, it makes you think about it, but both at that time and now my dream has been to succeed here in high competition football. 

"The decision I made to stay at Benfica, the decision I made to come to the Wolves, despite being a newly promoted team, that all people would think we would be fighting against relegation, we had a very good campaign and we got into the Europa League.” 

Some of us play Playstation throughout isolation, others tell all to Spanish publications. While in no means a 'come and get me' plea, Jimenez's candour is nonetheless intriguing.

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Source : 90min