Last updated : 13 December 2006 By Editor
From the MEN:

“I remember in the first year I was with United, I was criticised quite a lot for going to the floor too easily.

“That was an area of my game where I had to change quite fast. It was perhaps the biggest lesson I've learned in England.

“It is a different type of game in Portugal. If you watch Portuguese matches on telly you'll see that straight away. But the rules should be the same everywhere.

“If it's a free-kick the referee should give a free-kick. But here, referees chose to ignore fouls a lot of the time.

“I think the referees here favour the defenders quite a bit because they get to tackle a lot without getting a yellow card. It's difficult for a defender in England to get sent off by collecting two yellow cards. It's very rare it happens.

“I think the referees should protect the attackers more not only me, not only wingers, but strikers as well. I think if it's a dirty tackle or a harsh tackle, the ref should give a yellow card right away without warning. But they don't. Defenders are often told: `Next time it's a booking'.”