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From the MEN:

"It was a very difficult moment. It's not normal to lose your father at 20 years of age and you learn a great many things about yourself at such times.

"One has to be strong. I have changed a lot in the past two years. I certainly don't have any fear when I go out to play now.

"Family is the most important support I have. I think if you don't have a good relationship with your family then everything becomes more difficult.

"My father was No 1 in my life. He is always in my heart. I have a picture of him in my house, which I put up in a high position so I know he is always watching over me.

"I remember all the good things about him. He helped me a lot.

"I give grace to God for giving me a great family - my mother, my sisters, my brother, my cousins, even my brother-in-law.

"They have all been very important people in my life.

"It's so important for a player to have his head in the right place.

"If you don't have your head in the right place it becomes difficult."