Last updated : 08 December 2006 By Ed


"We have had to make teams scared of us again and I think that is what we are doing."


"There are some big teams we can play in the next stage but, if we are still playing like this in February, we can be confident teams will not be keen to play us. Nobody will relish playing us given the form that we are in."


"I don't care who we get.

"Once you get to the second round, the competition is full of strong teams.

"It is important to play, and do well, against the big clubs but I enjoy playing against anyone.

"This is a big club, an amazing club, we should reach the second round of the Champions League every year.

"What happened last season was pretty bad, so we are all very happy we have qualified.

"It was important for us to finish top of the group and it was fair because we were the best team in it. Now we wait for the draw.

"You never know what happens in football, and the next round is a long way off, but I really believe we have a great chance of doing well this season."


"It is fantastic for British football [5 teams through]

"I think one of the British teams can win and I just hope it is us.

"I think the team is confident of their ability now. They know they can win games and can play and there were a lot of moments last night when I think we played some fantastic stuff.

"If you were in the situation we were in you are happy to be there first of all.

"When we look at the possible teams we could face then there are some very good opposition there. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Roma all have great history.

"I don't know if it is an advantage for the second game to be at Old Trafford. Some people see that as an advantage but I'm not so sure that is always the case.

"But if we had been in second place we could have faced Lyon, who I think are one of the favourites, Milan, Valencia so I don't know which is worse to be honest with you."