Social Media Roundup: How Manchester United Players Are Doing Following Football Postponement

​Well, that was an interesting weekend of non-footballing activities, wasn't it? 

Finding out about the loved ones you had neglected since the opening day of the season, catching up on an enormous amount of content on Netflix and scrambling around every supermarket within a 20-mile radius in search of pasta and hand sanitiser.

These really are the days. 

But it's not all doom and gloom on the football scene, with a number of the game's finest taking their break from action as an opportunity to feed their fans on social media. At ​Manchester United, Bruno Fernandes has taken some time to hone his talents... with toilet roll.

​​In our current society, the midfielder is more or less kicking around a big bar of gold which he could likely sell for more than a week's wages at Old Trafford. Or trade for some lovely lentils. 

While Fernandes has been in 'practice' mode, Marcus Rashford took the time to remind everyone that Manchester United are unbeaten in 11 games - and they probably will be for some time.

Fred also released the latest of his challenges on Instagram, although on closer inspection it appeared more like a montage of random people performing their favourite tricks, with varying degrees of success. 

​​It would appear that Victor Lindelof and Jesse Lingard have been forced in to doing what the majority of football fans have had to over the course of the weekend; spend time with family and friends.

We know; it's a sickening thought.

And, surprisingly, that more or less does it for the Manchester United players, who are clearly enjoying their unexpected break from football far too much to share it with us mere mortals. That's a bit selfish, guys. 

Ah well, we'll leave you with a little message from Diogo Dalot.

Source : 90min