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"He's [Giggs] been amazing in terms of having the capacity to keep wanting to do it.

"I think Ryan will play for the next two years because he has looked after himself and the type of physique he has got.

"He has retained, I think quite remarkably, most of his pace.

"He is maybe not as grease lightning he was as a 17-year-old lad but he is still quick enough and he still retains that great balance to beat men in tight situations."

"It suits Ryan at his age to be in a far more protected position. For 15 years or so he has been tramping up and down that touchline and there's no players in the Premier League have done that," Ferguson said.

"There have been games I have played him wide left this season but mainly we seem him as a central player, either central midfield or a player who can play off the front.

"He (Giggs) and Paul Scholes and Gary Neville should be no problem for the next two years.

"Nev, as a defender can make it to 36. Paul Scholes has done remarkably well coming back. He has had a great season and should be fine for two years...

"Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has given me 11 goals this season and if he gives me another 11 next season we will be dancing. There are good contributions there."