Twitter Erupts as Man Utd Target Jadon Sancho Looks Set to Leave Borussia Dortmund in Summer

​There's news, then there's BIG news.

As you've probably gathered by this point, what you're reading is the latter.

Jadon Sancho is not just one of the finest teenagers in the game at the moment, he's pretty much one of Europe's best players.

Since leaving Manchester City for ​Borussia Dortmund in 2017, Sancho has been electric. Goals, skills and assists have followed at an alarming rate, and there is absolutely nothing to suggest any of that is coming to a halt anytime soon.

Which is why it's come as no surprise that every man and his dog has been linked with signing the English sensation, nigh on since the first moment he kicked a ball in Germany.

There have been the usual suspects. ​Manchester United, Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain and more recently Chelsea have all cropped up, and a source told 90min that it's the Red Devils who are most confident in this race.

Well, according to the folks over at Sky Germany, they may just end up winning it. 

Yes, that's right, ​Jadon Sancho is going to leave BVB in the summer. And who's keen? You betcha, United, that's who.

So you're probably not surprised one single iota that Twitter went into overdrive after hearing that news, are you?


​​The seemingly inevitable Eddie Hearn GIF's were coming out in full force...

Naturally, there were plenty of doubters about a move to United materialising, expressing quite valid concerns about a transfer.

The most poignant of those was the fact he's likely to be swapping the Champions League for the slightly less glamorous brother - the Europa League.

'Downgrade' must be trending by now...


​​While the disbelief from certain sections of the engrossed audience questioned Sancho's motives, others feared for his career and development as a whole.

Mainly signalling out the quality of manager currently in the Old Trafford dugout.



​​Of course, there were those fearing for their own club's benefits.

Since they're, well, the best side in the world by a country mile right now, Liverpool fans have been harking to ensure that pedestal remains theirs to stand on. How do you do that? You go out and buy the best players in the world, that's how.

Yet, the Reds don't really work like that, do they? 

Liverpool fans are still dreaming though.


​​It looks as if he's off then, doesn't it?

In fairness, he was always going to go in the summer. We all kind of knew that.

However, the strong links coming out of Germany and the fact United are frontrunners makes for an exciting few months. Or, equally, a speculation-rife period between now and the summer that will see conflicting reports be regurgitated at an hourly rate.

Neymar saga 2.0 coming up.

To finish, here's more United fans going utterly berserk.



​​And I'll just leave this here......


Source : 90min