Wayne Rooney gets FA warning over wanting to 'hurt someone' in 2006 Chelsea game

Wayne Rooney has revealed that he has been issued with a warning by the FA after recently admitting that he went into a game for Manchester United in 2006 wanting to ‘hurt someone’.

United were facing Chelsea in the closing stages of the 2005/06 Premier League season, with the Blues on the brink of sealing a second successive title if they avoided defeat.

Making the comments in ROONEY, his new documentary on Amazon Prime, the now 36-year-old admitted changing his usual studs for longer ones with the idea of hurting an opponent.

“I put longer studs in because I wanted to hurt someone. If Chelsea won a point, they won the league,” he recalled in the film. “At that time, I couldn't take it. The studs were legal. They were a legal size. But they were bigger than what I would normally wear.”

At one point in the game, Rooney did collide with John Terry in a 50/50 tackle, which left the Chelsea captain needing treatment and is also shown in the documentary.

Rooney went on to admit that the longer studs were part of the reason he also broke three metatarsals in that same game, having caught his boot in the turf during a different challenge later on. He openly blames himself for that moment.

The FA has since investigated and Rooney said on Thursday as he spoke to the media in his role as Derby manager that the matter has been closed with a warning.

“I gave my response to the FA and they gave me a warning. That’s it, the matter is put to bed,” he explained. “It is what it is. I’m sure it got reported by someone and the FA have to look into it. I got a warning, that’s it, it’s done. I’m happy it’s over and done with.

“I came out and spoke my mind – what I was feeling at that period of time in my life. It was a feeling, rather than something I acted upon, so the matter is closed.”

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Source : 90min