Wayne Rooney will be a Legend But for Which Team

Last updated : 21 June 2013 By DSG

After being absent for the last several days of all the media rumors and speculation, Wayne Rooney has repapered. Arsenal shareholder and Russia Billionaire, Alisher Usmanov is urging Arsene Wenger to grab up Rooney while he is still available. During a recent interview on American television Usmanov said;

"He is a great player. If he comes it would be a big success for Arsenal and for Rooney also."

Now Arsenal looks to have a deal with Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain already in place so why would Arsenal want Rooney at this point? Chances are that Rooney will not sign with Arsenal but instead sign for Chelsea. Chelsea is looking to overhaul their front line and Jose Mourinho has his eyes fixed on Rooney as the man to start the rebuilding project. It is believed that Chelsea is Rooney?s preferred destination and it is believed he would fit in well there.

So we have Rooney either staying at United or moving to Arsenal or Chelsea. Which will it be and if he does move how will he be remembered? If Rooney continues at Old Trafford, he will go down in the United history books, of this there really is no doubt. He has been such an enormous part of the United line up and has come through in so many big games that he has already earned his spot. If he stays, the legend grows from here and time heals all wounds. If he moves, what happens then?

As a 27-year-old with many miles completed on the pitch already, does Rooney still have what it takes to dominate matches and be a leader up front. If the last two seasons are indication then the answer is no. Rooney has struggle since the last World cup and some say that it goes back even farther than that. Some speculate that Rooney has run himself into the ground by playing so many matches over the years that he has little left to give.

With the next World Cup quickly approaching and with all the qualifying and friendly matches to come, not to mention the Premier League and Champions League, can he keep his fitness? Does he still have enough time left in his legs to cement himself into another teams history books and become a legend at Arsenal of Chelsea? There are many ?ifs? that need to be answered and the odds and time are against him. There is one thing that you cannot measure on a man and that is the size of his heart and his ambition. Maybe a new team brings Rooney a new life and determination or maybe he just becomes a footnote in the history books. This coming year will tells us all we need to know.


Source: DSG

Source: DSG