Fellaini To Decide Man Utd Future

Jose Mourinho says Marouane Fellaini's "destiny is in his hands" over his contract stand-off with Manchester United.

Mourinho said last week a deal with Fellaini "was close," but the midfielder has suggested in a interview with a Belgian football magazine he is still negotiating with the club and his future is not yet secure.

The United boss is "positive" the 30-year-old will stay, but he says the final decision will be up to the player.

"He's important, he's a player that I like but again, especially for him, he has a different position in relation to other players with contracts because we can control other players' destiny in another way," Mourinho told a news conference on Thursday.

"In Marouane's case the destiny is in his hands.

"He knows I want him to stay, the club wants him to stay, he has an offer from us and it's up to him yes or no.

"I am still positive as he likes to be here, he likes the feeling of the manager trusting him and I think there is a good chance for him to stay but if he leaves so be it."

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Written by Rob Dawson, ESPN