8 of the Best Manchester United Books You Can Buy Now

So, Manchester United are a pretty big club. The Red Devils come with about as much history as you're likely to find, so that means there's plenty of stories to tell.​

Whether that's the story behind a club legend, reliving some iconic memories or something completely different, there's plenty for you to sink your teeth into to boost your knowledge of the club.

Here are eight of the best books on United which you can buy now.

Forever Young: The Story of Adrian Doherty, Football's Lost Genius

​United have had plenty of stars in the past, but one youngster tipped to be brighter than most was Adrian Doherty, who was seen by many as a better talent than Ryan Giggs.

A series of injuries robbed Doherty of what could have been an outstanding career, and he tragically passed away at the age of just 27, bringing a devastating end to a life which could have been so different.

Available from Amazon for ​£8.47

Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography

Few in football have ever enjoyed the success of iconic manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who reveals how he became one of the game's finest bosses in his autobiography.

Now updated to include an insight into his life in retirement, there's no better place to hear about Ferguson's story than from the man himself.

Available from ​Amazon for ​£9.98

The Promised Land: Manchester United's Historic Treble

United made history in the 1998/99 campaign by becoming the first English side to win the ​Premier League​Champions League and FA Cup in one season. To this day, despite Liverpool's best efforts, that record remains intact.

The Promised Land offers readers the chance to relieve every moment from that historic campaign, written in a style which will appeal to every Mancunian. 

Available from Amazon for ​£1.50. Yes! £1.50! 

The Lost Babes: Manchester United and the Forgotten Victims of Munich

Football has seen few tragedies quite like the Munich air disaster, which took the life of 23 people - eight of whom were players - on the way back from a European Cup game in February 1958.

This book is half a celebration of what made the 'Busby Babes' so great, but also a serious look at the aftermath of the incident and how United failed those who were left behind.

Available from Amazon for £1​1.99

Duncan Edwards: The Greatest

Part of the famous 'Busby Babes' was Duncan Edwards, who lost his life in the plane crash at the age of just 21.

Despite his short time at the top, Edwards enjoyed a fantastic career and was tipped by many to become one of the greatest of all time. He is a real United legend and has been immortalised in this book.

Available from ​Amazon​ for £7.43

Class of 92: Out of Our League

Now, this one isn't strictly about United, but for those familiar with the famous Class of '92, it's a must-read.

Club legends Gary and Phil Neville, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt all turned to ownership following their retirements, with the group all taking over at local Salford City, and Class of 92 is a fantastic account of their transition from global superstars to struggling owners.

Available from Amazon f​or £5.49

Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King

Eric Cantona is indisputably one of the most fascinating characters in football history. He combined on-field brilliance with off-field craziness, and every ounce of that is revealed in Cantona.

As close as you're ever likely to get to a Cantona autobiography, this book features interviews with nearly everyone who means anything to the Frenchman to get to the bottom of the man who became King Eric.

Available from Amazon fo​r £8.99

Blessed - The Autobiography

Similar to Cantona, George Best was one of those characters who fans fell in love with for both his talent and his personality. The 1968 Ballon d'Or winner was a phenomenal footballer and perhaps an even better womaniser.

Blessed sees Best himself look back on the most important moments in his life, including footballing triumphs, the death of his mother and his battle with alcoholism, in what really is a compelling read.

Available from Amazon for £1​0.99

My Manchester United Years: The Autobiography

If we're talking about club legends, you simply cannot forget about Sir Bobby Charlton, who was saved from the Munich air disaster by the late Harry Gregg. Charlton was able to return to football, and he quickly blossomed into one of the all-time greats.

It goes without saying that Charlton has seen more than most in his life, and he tells a story which would appeal to any football fan, not just United.

Available from ​Amazon for ​£10.11

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