Last updated : 27 August 2004 By editor

Some good trips ahead and it shouldn’t be beyond us to qualify either. Fergie’s reaction to it was, "It's a very interesting draw. We have drawn two clubs we have never played before; Lyon and Sparta Prague. We met Fenerbahce in the Champions League in October 1996. And they were the first team to win a European tie at Old Trafford - they beat us 1-0 later that month.

"There is some travel involved, but it could have been a lot worse. There were some long trips in the draw. So I am happy with the way it all turned out.

"There are some great names in there. The draw has a very competitive feel to it. Hopefully my squad will be fit enough to represent Manchester United in the first game."

David Gill also seems happy about it. "I think it's going to be an exciting draw. We've not played Lyon before so I'm looking forward to that and Fenerbahce were the first team to beat us in home in Europe so there's added spice there.

"There's Sparta Prague, where Karel Poborsky plays, and I think Alex (Ferguson), although you'll have to ask him directly, will be relatively pleased with the draw we've got.”

Gill dismissed any potential worries about playing in Turkey, "Uefa were satisfied with the security aspects of Istanbul, I think they wouldn't have had the final there otherwise, so we'll look at it positively not negatively."

Hakan Bilal Kutlualp, the vice-president of Fenerbahce also played down any concerns, "We have good memories of playing against Manchester United in England but we know what a good, strong team they are - they are very popular in Turkey too.

"We want to show our hospitality and our friendship and I think we will have the same in England. You can encounter hostility in away games but the majority of the fans will be welcoming Manchester United to Turkey - not welcoming them to hell.

"We had a NATO summit here recently and showed how well we can handle security and UEFA have also shown they have faith in us by deciding to have the Champions League final in Istanbul."