Last updated : 07 January 2004 By Editor
Fulham owner Mohamed al Fayed:

"I am fed up with Sir Alex Ferguson trying to disrupt my
club and constantly trying to unsettle my players. Obviously
he needs a top quality striker urgently but he can't have

"Ever since Fulham beat Manchester United at Old Trafford so
convincingly earlier in the season, he has been showing
signs of increasing desperation. But I have a clear message
to Sir Alex Ferguson and anyone else who is interested -
Louis Saha is not for sale."

Signs of increasing desperation? Maybe Mohammed should stick
to his conspiracy theories, as he seems a little ill
informed when talking about football.

Fulham boss Chris Coleman joined in:

“People are trying to bully us into selling one of our
players. I don’t like bullies and I don’t like being
bullied, that is why we are so determined to hang on to
Louis Saha.

“When someone asks you if a player is available and you say
‘no’ and then they make a bid and you say ‘no’ and they keep
coming back, and it’s in the newspapers and they come back
again, that’s disappointing. It doesn’t matter if there’s a
third or fourth or fifth bid, he’s not moving and that’s

“I’m sure there are a lot of outside influences getting at
Louis. He’s under contract. He has 2½ years left, so if he
says ‘I’m leaving’, he can’t just get up and walk out. Will
he put in a request? I hope not.”