Last updated : 26 January 2003 By Editor
Bellion probably won't be heading to Old Trafford. And Alex Ferguson has said United didn't try to 'tap up' the young Frenchman.

"We did things the right way. We tried to do a deal because his contract was up and we spoke to him in January, which is the appropriate time.

"But we are very unsure about the boy coming here now."

Bellion's agent Mike Morris has said, "David is very upset, but has to get on with it and he will be at Sunderland for another four months.

"He is out of contract in the summer and wants to return to France because he is confused about how English clubs do business."

However that doesn't stop the Sunday Mirror trying to stir up trouble for United by saying there will be an investigation.
The Premier League are ready to investigate claims that Sir Alex Ferguson's son Jason was involved in an attempt to unsettle Sunderland's David Bellion and take him to Old Trafford.

Sunderland chairman Bob Murray is expected to make an official complaint this week following correspondence between the North East club and the Premier League.

Central to those investigations will be the relationship between Bellion's agent Mike Morris and Jason Ferguson, who co-owns the Elites Sports Agency.
Sunderland are furious with United and have accused them of trying to unsettle the former Cannes player, who was snapped up by then boss Peter Reid in the summer of 2001.

Murray said United were a disgrace and claims an alleged illegal approach left the 20-year-old French striker mentally and physically unsettled. Sunderland are gathering key evidence to prove that Morris, based in Monaco, and Jason Ferguson acted outside the game's laws by approaching a player still under contract to another club without permission.

Initially the Premier League had hoped that the two clubs would come to the table and reach a compromise over the deal but as the rift grows by the day, Sunderland have indicated they will make an official complaint within days.
Last night a Premier League spokesman said: "Sunderland have written to us confidentially and we are waiting to see what, if any, official complaint will be made."