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Saturday is the time to walk the walk:


"I believe the team has turned the corner. The draw at
Highbury last Sunday saw us grow in confidence as the game
progressed. It's the first time in a few weeks I have been
able to choose the defence I wanted in consecutive matches.

"Wes Brown was outstanding at Highbury on Sunday. It was a
big game and he gave us a big game. We always said he just
needed matches behind him and he'll get better.

"I have great memories of Villa Park as a semi-final venue.
I have managed a team there three times and have yet to be
beaten. We beat Crystal Palace, Chelsea and Arsenal there so
it's good for us."

Gary Neville:

“There is a lot more to come from us. Arsenal are a really
good side and we respect them enormously, but we are the one
team that they know can beat them.

“It wouldn't have mattered what happened last Sunday, it
would have had no bearing on Saturday's game. When you hear
people talking about Arsenal over the last couple of months,
they have pushed us to the back of the queue a little bit.

“But there is such a fine dividing line between us and our
matches are usually turned on a moment of brilliance or a
single mistake. I am sure Saturday will be the same.

“You always have to be wary of Arsenal on the counter-attack
because they have such great pace. But we have defenders who
can handle that, as we have proved in the past. We have
shown before that we are capable of holding them going one
way and hurting them going the other.

“Defensively, I thought we were excellent at Highbury last
Sunday. The only thing that beat us was Thierry Henry's goal
and there was nothing anyone could have done about that.

“It's not been the best of times for us recently but we
still have plenty of self-belief and confidence and I'm sure
Arsenal will not expect anything other than another tough
game from us this weekend.''

Wes Brown:

"We showed a lot of spirit on Sunday which has lifted our
self-belief and hopefully we can take that into tomorrow's

"This game is our last shot at winning anything this season
because Arsenal are running away with the league.
"If we don't win we will end up with nothing and that is a
situation no-one wants.

"We have the utmost respect for Arsenal and over the last
six or seven years, the matches between us have been close.
"I'm sure it will be another tough battle. Arsenal are in a
great situation just now. They are playing really well but
we have to go out there and spoil that run.''


"The FA Cup is the one trophy left for us to win and I can't
explain how badly this team wants to win it. I've heard
Arsenal may leave a couple of players out of the semi-final,
and we'd be happy if they did.

"If they do leave a couple out, perhaps it'll re-emphasise
my point that this match is more important to us than
Arsenal. It's our game of the season, but Arsenal probably
have plenty more to come. That's why we have to make it
happen for us, because we won't get a second chance.

"We haven't won the FA Cup for five years and after our
disappointments in other competitions this season, it's
important we get our hands on it again. With Arsenal
standing in our way, we know we'll have to play our very
best to beat them. The game at Highbury finished level, but
I believe we've gained more confidence from that result than
them, because at the end you could sense we were the happier
of the two teams.

"Arsenal seemed a bit down about their performance, but we
felt quite good. Hopefully we can take that confidence into
this match, which is even more important to us.

"The semi-final couldn't be set up any better. We've had two
draws with each other already this season and you could tell
at Highbury how evenly matched the two sides are.

"Everybody knows about the rivalry we share, but this one is
so finely balanced. The match will be won or lost on one
mistake or piece of magic.

"I'm sure that goal will be replayed thousands of times in
the build-up to the game. I don't mind that at all because
it was my best-ever goal, but that goal won't make the
slightest bit of difference in the outcome of this game.

"Although it was a great, great night for me and the team,
it means absolutely nothing now. It's part of the history

"It's a lovely memory to have, but the 1999 win won't give
us, or me, any kind of boost or advantage ahead of this
game. Time has moved on, there are new players on both sides
and the whole situation is different.

"Arsenal are an excellent side, but I know for a fact they
respect us just as much as we respect them. And I don't
expect anything less than a full-blooded encounter. The
tackles will fly in, and the pace of the match will be
relentless once again.

"United against Arsenal is always the same and there will be
an edge once again."