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A turnstile revolt by football fans is gathering pace in FA Cup final week, with supporters planning to boycott food at the new Wembley and threatening not to renew their season tickets.

Anger over the allocation of affordable tickets for the final, the expense of food and merchandise at the stadium, and the widespread availability of black market tickets on the internet for up to £1,300 each, has prompted the rebellion.

Chelsea and Manchester United fans have urged supporters not to buy Wembley's £8 burger meals and £10 programmes on sale on Saturday.

Some 20,000 flyers were distributed before both teams' final league matches on Sunday and the boycott has been backed by the Football Supporters' Federation.

The revolt comes as a Virgin Money poll shows that 12% of football fans may not renew their season tickets because they feel they have been priced out of the game, a rise of 5% on last year. The cash squeeze is most marked in the Premiership where 16% of fans believe they cannot afford to attend every home match next season.

Virgin Money shows the cost of going to games has risen 17.8% in a year.

Campaigners behind the Wembley boycott hit out at the allocation of 25,000 tickets to each team out of 90,000.

Only 4,000 of each club's allocation are priced at £35, with the rest costing £60, £80 and £95.

Mr Powell said: "Half of the Manchester United allocation are at £80 or costs £80 to £95.

"There are so few tickets, no wonder the black market goes into orbit. The price of food is the final kick in the guts. I would rather go hungry than pay that sort of money."