Last updated : 22 September 2004 By Editor
This time it’s UWS’s interview with Keane that gives the fat, lazy hacks another day off as they re-print it all over the show. Amongst many other pieces quoted in today’s press are:

Roy Keane last night offered a unique insight into the world awaiting Wayne Rooney at Manchester United and warned Britain's most expensive player of the pitfalls that lie ahead.

"You learn out of experience to choose your friends carefully. Just when you think someone's not such a bad guy, I guarantee you they'll ask you for something. I'll meet 100 people in the next two weeks and 99 per cent of them will ask me for something.

"You try to get to know people and even give them the benefit of the doubt but you can guarantee they'll stitch you up.

"Some people think it's good just to be seen with you, or they'll tell their friends they know you. It's all b*******. I could give some perfect examples of people who I've looked after and then they come out with some s*** about you.

"It's not like being a prisoner but you always have to have your guard up."

Keane on OK! or Hello! Photo shoots:

"If I ever did that I'd love them to come to my house at five o'clock on a Tuesday. I'd love that. They'd see the dog, mud, the kids screaming, my missus would have her jeans on and I'd just have a tracksuit on.

"I don't need the limelight and adulation. Unfortunately some people do. That's why I'm not open to so-called friends. Three of my best friends are lads I used to play football with at Rockmount. I was out with them a few weeks ago and they were hammering me about my clothes and things. That's what friends do.”

On rumours he might have left United:

"I could have been financially a lot better off if I'd left United. I could have gone to Italy, Spain or Bayern Munich. I'm not playing the poor man with United because that's where my heart is and they've looked after me brilliantly. I've been at the club a long time and there's a genuine attachment. But if it had been any club other than United, I would definitely have gone.

"I would love to have seen if I could have adapted and played a different type of football at another big club."

On the footballer’s short career:

"I was in a car last season with Nicky Butt and we were listening to one of those talk-in shows. Some bloke comes on saying Nicky Butt doesn't do it anymore. And I'm laughing to myself as I'm driving.

"Then the next caller comes on and says Roy Keane is finished. And then we both started howling. But that's football. One minute you're a god, the next you're finished. I understand that. And does it really matter how I'm remembered when there will be someone else along next week or next year?"