Last updated : 30 January 2003 By Editor
The persistent talk of a joint takeover bid from Dermot Desmond from Celtic
and the Irish financers known as the 'Coolmore Mafia' has led to another
denial of interest from Martin O'Neil. Apparently he runs a football club when
not refuting rumours about Manchester United.

Speaking to Celtic View he said:

"I can honestly tell you that I have never discussed any kind of business with
Dermot other than that concerning Celtic Football Club. I know nothing about
his interests outside the club and I have no wish to know. The truth is this
here: it doesn't concern me."

Talking about his rolling contract he said:

"The first thing Desmond said to me was that I was looking absolutely
wretched - and he was absolutely right. I think it was mainly the fact that I
didn't manage to get away during the summer."

"He didn't get to the position he's in by being nice to people all the time. We
have had one or two arguments and generally speaking - mainly because he's
the man holding the whip hand - I've come off second best."