Last updated : 11 June 2004 By Editor
Paul Scholes who is usually the quiet man of United's dressing room has broken the silence on how he feels about the Arsenal players, especially the French

"The feeling at United is there is a bit of boastfulness about Arsenal's French
contingent but maybe that is just the way they are, confident people who say
what they think.

"I read that Pires reckons they are going to beat us 3-1. So they must be ultra-
confident. Well, we'll see.

"Whatever is said before a game the only thing that matters is what happens out on the pitch.

"I have to admit that everyone at United takes more enjoyment about beating
Arsenal than anyone else.

"There is an intense rivalry between us and, even though this is an international, there will be an element of that."

He thinks that if England are to beat the French at the weekend then they will
have to adopt similar tactics to when United beat Arsenal at Villa Park.
"Arsenal were on an unbeaten roll — and so are France. Like United, we have to stop their best players.

"We tried to get about Arsenal a bit and, yes, there were a few tackles.

"But we never single anyone out at United for special treatment and we didn't
single out Pires for a kicking.

"In fact, Gary Neville never allowed him a kick — but then he never does."