Last updated : 06 January 2003 By editor

Van Bronckhorst said: "We're first in our group in the Champions League, top of the Premiership and now have the FA Cup to look forward to. We want to be involved in all competitions and win all the prizes. With a team like this we can do it, but have to stay focused. If we work hard then we will get our rewards at the end of the season."

Van Bronckhorst believes that the main threat will come from United.

"It was a great achievement to win the Double last season, but we always knew it was going to be harder this year. Everyone is trying that much harder to beat us, but we're still top at the halfway point. At this stage it seems like Manchester United versus Arsenal again, but there are lots of games to go."

Thierry Henry is little more cautious:

"Being five points clear of Manchester United doesn't mean we're champions. It just means we can keep on going with more serenity. We need to be there at the end of the season, that's the most important thing. It doesn't matter if we're five, six or even 10 points clear at the moment, but where we are at the end that counts."

"If we could win the league on goal difference then everybody will be very happy. It's good for our confidence to have a lead at this stage, but strange things can happen. A few weeks ago Liverpool were seven points ahead of us, but now they're even further behind. We just to have to keep on going and getting points."