Last updated : 19 August 2004 By Editor
Despite losing six times last season and being unable to even reach the European Cup semi-finals, people are still keen to talk up the greatest team the world has ever seen. After Ashley Cole said the Arse would spank England, Martin Keown says in the Sun:

“It is not such an unusual statement to make. I made a similar statement myself last season and was laughed at.

“I said the Arsenal team was good enough to take on the Brazilian team — and I stand by that.

“I think the Arsenal team has to be better than England if you can piece together so many great players from all over the world.

“Why shouldn’t that be a better team than a particular national team that is just selected from one country.”

Kenny Sansom said:

“Martin Keown is like me and is probably a bit biased but I agree with him.

“I think there is a good chance of Arsenal beating Brazil. They really are a fantastic side.

“If Arsenal played England at this time, Arsenal would have the edge but England wouldn’t get trounced.

“We will never know which team really is the best because they can never play a competitive game against each other.”